EL Resource Center
The EL Resource Center is a Canvas Tile created for English Learners, Recently
Reclassified English Learners and Parents/Guardians of these students. It is designed to be
a resource where students and/or parents can find important resource information
regarding available tutoring, ELPAC Testing, Reclassification, English Learner Advisory
Committee Meetings, scholarship opportunities, and much more. To view the available
content, click on Modules from the course navigation bar.

English Learner Advisory Committee
The English Learner Advisory Committee, also known as ELAC, is an advisory committee
for the parents and guardians of English Learners at Rancho Cucamonga High School. Its
role is to provide parents and guardians with important information about educational
programs and services, state assessments, and available community resources. It also
provides parents and guardians an opportunity to provide important input on the needs of
students, concerns or comments about the available programs, and suggestions about
programs to consider in the future.
The objectives of the English Learner Advisory Committee are to assist Rancho
Cucamonga High school to bring about the cooperation and coordination of Parent and
Community Resources which may be of value to the school in the operation of its English
Learner Program. The committee provides advice and assistance in the development
and/or revision of a Site Master Plan for educational programs and services for English
Learners that takes into consideration the Single Plan for Student Achievement.
The English Learner Advisory Committee is open to interested parents and community
members residing within the school; however, the total ELAC Committee Leaders,
according to state guidelines, must contain no less than 51% parents/ guardians of
students served within the English Learner Program. Also the ELAC President must be a
parent/ guardian of an English Learner. The committee elects officers for two year terms
for the following positions: president, vice-president, secretary, and DELAC
representative. Each parent of an English Learner is entitled one vote on matters
submitted to a vote of the English Learners Advisory Committee.

Reclassification is the process where the Language Advisory Team (LAT) reviews the
criteria established by the Chaffey Joint Union High School District which meets the
California Department of Education Guidelines for determining if English Learners have
met the specified criteria to become Reclassified Fluent English Proficient. Our goal at
RCHS is to help all our English Learners reclassify to Fluent English Proficient before they
graduate. To be considered ready to reclassify, students must meet established criteria
including an overall score of four on the ELPAC, a reading Lexile of 900 or higher, teacher
recommendation, and parent approval.


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